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Is your cleaner formulated for the surface you intend to use it on? If you are using a specialty cleaner as a general cleaner you could be creating a problem that costs you more than all the cleaners you ever bought to fix. Restorations are far more expensive than just buying the wrong cleaner.

Glass cleaners and Wood cleaners use waxes to address microscratches in wood coatings and glass surfaces, that on tile and stone will build up trapping dirt and creating dullness that will later need professional to remove. Acid cleaners such as vinegar and CLR will remove hard water but will also dissolve and etch marble and destroy grout seals resulting in stained darkened appearances in grout lines.

Clean and shine offerings that include oils will smudge and require repeat applications. Solvent borne cleaners seek to dissolve dirt but are rough on the environment.
MARBLELIFE has employed the learnings from 30+ years of servicing cleaner damaged surfaces, to understand what not to do and to deliver what a cleaner needs to do. MARBLELIFE sealers are universally marble and travertine safe, and are safe on grout lines. Designed to remove oils, greases and fats with its proprietary surfactant based cleaning technology. MARBLELIFE is the only cleaning manufacturer that is also a service provider given us tremendous advantages in understanding the longterm effects of inappropriate cleaner usage. 20% of our residential restoration service business derives from inappropriate cleaner usage, meaning that much of what we do is 100% avoidable.

Said another way, we have never had to restore a floor because a MARBLELIFE cleaning product created a problem, but we are routinely called on by other cleaning companies to remove the wax build up left from their products, or the damage created when their acidic cleaner was used on marble, or to restore the stained grout created when cleaning acids destroyed the grout’s seal. 30+ years of restoration service enables MARBLELIFE to formulate products that simply work.

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